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2010 How to get wavy hairstyle

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If you want to get hot wavy hairstyle you can begin this sexy wavy hairstyle on hair that is only slightly damp as wet hair will take too long to dry.

Starting at the bottom portion of your hair grab a small section, approximately one inch by one inch and apply a volumizing spray.

Now wrap the section around your finger and begin to twist. Keep twisting the hair section until it is twisted all the way up to the roots of your hair.
Coil the section into a pin curl and place a small amount of tissue paper on top of the coil; this will prevent a dent from forming when you secure the coil to your head with a large bobby pin.

Continue to repeat this procedure until all of your hair is done. If you have fine hair you should end up with approximately ten sections while thicker hair may have upwards of twenty.

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women shoes
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