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Tips For Retouching Your Hair Color

To cover your hair roots you will need hair color of the same color, preferably the same brand that you used for the rest of the hair.

Hair Color5

If you color the hair yourself, you can use the same product and follow the instructions. You probably may not need to whole bottle of color; in most cases, 1/4 of the product is enough.

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2010 medium blunt hairstyle from Charlize Theron

medium hairstyle
Charlize Theron wears layered and textured shoulder  length medium hairstyle . She is very sexy and  right now. Charlize also had some honey added to her color, and this brightened up her entire look and added instant youth to her face. The madium hairstyle is really fantastic for Charlize Theron.

January 26th, 2010 by Tarring | 4 Comments »

Shoulder Length Hairstyles Lookbook 2010

Shoulder Length Hairstyles Lookbook 2010

Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Many girls find shoulder length  hairstyles very appealing. This may be because these beautiful hairstyles can be as versatile as long hairstyles, and can be as easy to manage as short ones.

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Sexy women’s hairstyle


At the middle of 2010 its time for you to have a new and trendy short hairstyles and hairstyles that will keep you during the hole summer looking and feeling very good.

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2009 short hairstyle trends 2

short hairstyle

Short haircuts are more and more popular these days and will be even more popular in 2010. Long hair can be more classy and feminine but on the downside it is also harder to maintain and this is just an advantage for short hairstyle.

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2010 new short hairstyles

 Rihanna short curly hairstyle

Most women are always in the search of new hairstyles, because a simple hair makeover – a new hairstyle or hair color – is the easiest way to get a completely new image, to make women look and feel amazing.

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Why not short haircuts in 2010?

You know, the short haircuts are very popular, a lot girls went to cute short hairstyles.

Katharine's short hair

As the short haircuts can be cut into many hair types and can compliment many facial shapes  as well. The cute short hairstyle, which can frame the face and will draw more attentions to the features on the face, as well as giving a unique and fresh look to hair that has seen better days when it comes to style.

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