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Short hairstyle with fringes in the nape

Mary J. Blige Bob with fringes

Mary J. Blige Bob with fringes

Mary J. Blige paired her sleek leather dress with an asymmetrical bob. The R & B diva opted for honey-blond undertones with subtle highlights.

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2010 Spring Hairstyles With Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs are in! Bangs in all shapes, forms, and lengths are the new look from fringes to choppy, and soft wispy to hard layers. 

Bangs say it all for a hair cut whether long, short or mid-length. The trick to wearing hairstyles with bangs is to find the one that perfectly suits you and helps to hide any flaws you may have, while drawing attention to your assets.

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2010 men’s trendy hairstyle bang


Today, the men begin to choose a longer hairstyle in order to achieve tussled look. There are a number of different ways in which men can wear their hair with very bangs in different lengths. Thus, it is not just women who benefit from a face slimming feature bangs, the men of today begin to see the potential of this trendy hairstyle bang.

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Liv Tyler bang hairstyle

Keeping with the bang hairstyle theme, this image of Liv Tyler totally shows how to rock the fringe. There are many ways to style a bang to combine with different hairstyles and each style produces a unique touch.


The swept bangs, the wispy bangs, and the blunt bangs like this are all great ways to add an extra touch to any hairstyles and to soften facial features. Liv does a great job with the blunt bangs and combining it with sleek locks that fall straight down close to the face.

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2009 short hairstyle trend – photo gallery 2

Hayden Panettiere Messy Cut

Hayden Panettiere Messy Cut

Hayden’s styles her short spring haircut in cool twisted hairdo.

Mary J. Blige Bowl Cut

Mary J. Blige Bowl Cut

Mary hit the red carpet sporting a streaked blond bowl cut.

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2009 Hairstyle trends tips for hot

2009 Hairstyle trends tips


In 2009, hairstyles are taking a trip down memory lane. On the catwalks have been seen much sophistication, as per that era, with sleek updo hairstyles and kinks abounding. These kinds of hairstyles take some work and hair products of course. But if spending time on your hairdo is not your thing, do not worry, as at the other end of the 2009 hairstyle spectrum, is bedhead hair, with fluffy curls, looking unkempt, even a little punky, being just as a la mode!

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2009 Hairstyle with Smooth Fringes

 Hairstyle with Smooth Fringes


The lighter and warmer shades are subtly covered underneath to keep all eyes spellbound in mystery with dark lines of hair covering like a hat.

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Hot short hairstyle with fringes

Short hairstyle with fringes


Short hairstyle with fringes is a famous hairstyle, fun to both create and to observe! 

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Hair fringe


Fringes have been a great way of changing and creating different hairstyles. Rather or not to add fringes to a hairstyle can make a huge difference as some hairstyles look great without fringes and other hairstyles look lost without the addition of some fringes.

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2009 fringed bangs from Kim Kardashian



Here Kim has kept her long black locks sleek and straight and glossing to the max, and with deep set fringed bangs. She has gone for a new look. Bangs are all the rage this year, and if you are looking to freshen your look up, bangs are a great way to do that . You can go for a deep fringed bang look for an end result that is very contemporary and chic. Either way, bangs are a little known secret that will take years off in an instant.

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